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Games Under Construction

We always have something/s in the works. Game ideas will brew and bubble away for quite some time before they can be fully explored.


These are the ones that have proven themselves to be rather enjoyable and are now being rigorously playtested to mold them into something that we can deliver to you!

The Day is 
Going Poorly

Slinky Gibbon Games' first foray into the world of RPGs!


This project is a wacky, story teller sharing RPG set in the same world as Ultimate Troll with all the insanity that implies.

[Insert RPG Here] is Going Poorly is intended to be a template you can place over any other RPG. This allows players to share the role of storyteller/GM both just for fun or to help tables with low numbers of players.

Ultimate Troll: Brawl

A tale of many fantastic creatures, who come together in a place of meriment and relaxation... and then have far too much to drink.

A deckbuilding tavern brawl game where your goal is not just to fight, but to wow and amaze your adoring fans.

I promise you nothing is as pleasing as hitting a bunch of gnomes with a table... or a table with a bunch of gnomes.

Sirens' Call

Sirens' Call is a tactical fleet building card game of mermaids, mind control and marauding malcontents.

A complex pvp game that features the acquisition of ships and sea monsters while using might and magic to control islands and best your foes.


Skulkanautz is a Co-op (as much as goblins can be) game of thievery, sneaking and colossal failure.

As a dastardly goblin, you are tasked with breaking in to a human settlement and skulking out with as many shiny trinkets, dangerous weapons and mewling cats (especially those) as you can to please your matriarch - the great, the illumines and voluminous Izzi Ikkibit - before being chased out of town by an angry and disproportionately violent mob.

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