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Games by Slinky Gibbon

Here are a few titles that are being worked on by Slinky Gibbon Games. Click the images, dive deeper into the madness.

Explosions, spy gadgets and decoy ducks. Invent your way to a promotion in this ruthless worker-placement and pattern-making game for 1-4 players.
A one vs all card game that sees unspeakable horrors born from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft try to destroy the world while a team of brave (read suicidal) investigators try to close horrific gates to other realms and keep the old god asleep.
Ultimate Troll
A chaotic card game of Trolls and their loot....and their traps....and all their poor imprisoned gnomes and dwarfs. Bury your treasure, steal your friends and have the most points at the end to win.
An arena brawl featuring strung out cats, violent Goblins and embittered Owlbedillos. Fight and scheme to grab as many cats as you can and escape with as many teeth left as possible.
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