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As the Earth Crumbles Board Game
The core of our planet has solidified, causing the crust to crack. Now we must race to salvage the scant remains of the earth’s resources and build anew... as the Earth crumbles.
As the Earth Crumbles is a post-apocalyptic, steampunk, tile-taking engine-builder. Each turn, players must salvage ruins from the Earth’s surface, gaining resources that can be used to build their own independent Island Cities. 

With every tile determining the income not only for yourself, but for your competitors, you must race to earn the coin needed to fund your expansion. However, take heed - the key to your longevity may lie not in the heft of your own purse, but in preserving the culture and the prosperity of those who have sought salvation on your floating sanctuary. 
Below is the overview video created for the Simple Elegance contest on The Game Crafter. Although this is an older prototype, it provides a great introduction to how the game plays:

So where can I find this game?

After winning the Simple Elegance contest on The Game CrafterAs the Earth Crumbles was pulled back into the development stage for further refinement. We've had some great feedback from the contest as well as from our more recent playtesting sessions. We've been continuously fine-tuning the gameplay and we are getting close to being able to make it available for purchase online!
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As The Earth Crumbles Board Game Gas Pocket
As The Earth Crumble Board Game Components
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