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This game contains:
6 Leviathan Cards
9 Leviathan Standees
8 Condition Tokens
18 Power Cards
19 Hex-Tiles
36 Dice

The Action-Dice Arena Game of Monstrous proportions!

Hulking beasts, mechanical goliaths and extra-dimensional nightmares clash in an epic throwdown of monstrous proportions! Smash your opponents through concrete cities, launch missiles at them from the mountain tops or plunge them into the depths of the ocean.
This earth-shaking battle will determine once and for all who will reign supreme!

Playing Leviathan Rumble is easy!

Roll your Action Dice, place them on the spaces on your player card and make the corresponding Action.
The last Leviathan left standing wins! There are no ties. There is no second place.
So what can you do on your turn? In the video below, we look at exploring ways to get the most out of the Action Dice mechanics of the game.
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