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Like all good spy legends, this one starts with a bang… originating from the Quartermaster’s lab whilst he was tinkering with experimental shoe polish. He leaves behind nothing but a decimated lab, a pair of ash-covered, blast-resistant shoes, and a job opening... for Quartermaster.

Now, a team of auditors are cracking down over concerns of health and safety within the facility and are
systematically restricting access to each lab. You and the other Quarternovices must scramble to use the blueprints that survived the blast to create the best spy gadget, and win the promotion to Quartermaster!
Applicants beware - with stakes this high, no-one is above sabotage.
Find the Parts.
Make the Gadget.
Get the Job.
*Prototype only. Components shown may differ from final product.
Quartermaster: Apply Within is a 10 - 20 minute compact, inventive and ruthless game built around worker-placement and pattern-making. Each turn sees 1-4 players (or Quaternovices) scramble to collect the parts needed to build incredible spy gadgets, while protecting their prototypes against sabotage from devious co-workers. 

With a setup influenced by both player choice and chance, and the option to replace up to three players with an AI, Quartermaster: Apply Within is flexible, dynamic, and addictively replayable. 

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