Trudge through your opponents' hoards. Dig deep for shiny loot and get out with whatever you can! Bury your spoils and line the walls with tricksy trinkets, traps (and the occasional Goblin). Because when you're a Troll, there's no time for playing nice.
"Ultimate Troll is a game which is very simple in mechanics, but potentially very deep in scope and strategy" - Skip the Rulebook
"There's a lot of goofiness and a lot of fun" - Never Bored Gaming

Ultimate Troll is a quick and chaotic party game for 2-4 Trolls looking to ruin someone's day. If you like games with the same flamboyant and manic attitude as Fluxx, Smash Up or Munchkin, then it's time to get your Troll on!

Stealing, bluffing, plotting and back-stabbing are a given. But get ready to slam your brain into reverse, because Ultimate Troll is unique in that cards are not played from your hand. Instead, they are placed face down, creating a treacherous cavern of ludicrous loot and dastardly traps that your opponents will attempt to steal from.

Game play is fast and frivolous. Every turn is a mini dungeon crawl through a cavern keenly (or not so keenly) devised by an opponent. Chaotic cards can affect anyone, keeping players active and engaged at all times. And don't forget to practice that maniacal laugh for when your opponents' carefully laid plans go horribly, horribly wrong.

Ultimate Troll is a great, compact game that's fast to set up and play. It's perfect for when you have limited time or space, or as a warmup game to an epic evening of board gaming!

Oh, and did I mention there were rules for cheating...?

Ultimate Troll Episode 2: Steampunk Tycoon was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter. This means that the workshop out the back causing a deafening roar as the monkey argue, fight and rush to get the game out there.

Over the coming weeks this second game of chaotic scrambling for piles of loot, this time less shiny and more grimy, will see its way to all the backers and feverish fans.

Episode 2: Steampunk Tycoon can be played as a standalone game focusing on new mechanics and play styles. However it can also be mixed in with it's predecessor, Episode 1: Dawn of Voyaging Troller, for a larger and longer game with up to 2 additional players per box mixed in.


This mix of the old and new give birth to countless new ways to betray your friends and steal their things. Most important of which are cogs, a new way to gain compound interest on certain cards and scoring oodles of points (yes I said oodles). 

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