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Izzy Ickybit, your venerable Goblin Matriarch, is rather fond of her collection of singing/yowling cats. Each morning, these scraggly felines greet the day with a cacophonic symphony of hisses and wails as their cages sway and clink in the breeze.

On boring afternoons, Izzy releases her cats into a den of embittered Owlbedillos, along with several of her most irritating subjects (a.k.a., you). To gain back her favour, you'll have to finagle and fight your way through to catch as many cats as you can before your rivals nab them all. This may sound easy, but then again, you're herding cats... with Goblins...

Designed for Concrete Canoes' and The Game Crafter's "Hook Box Challenge", Herding Cats (with Goblins) packs a huge amount of fun into a pocket-sized box.

Using a free-form movement mechanic (measured with your handy-dandy playing card), you'll employ cunning (and often morally questionable) tactics in order to collect as many points worth of cats as you can, while avoiding the obstacles that your rivals throw your way. First player to have 4 points-worth of cats at the start of their turn wins!

Herding Cats is designed for 2-4 players, and takes 10 - 20 minutes to play, making it perfect for the start of your next games night, or for while you're waiting for that one person who never rocks up on time.

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