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I Am The Fourth Wall is an asymmetrical card game of Lovecrafian horror set in jiving 1950’s suburbia. It focuses on tight teamwork and coordination, careful hand management, and the option to take on high risk/reward strategies.
  - 131 cards
  - 16 tokens
  - 3 Rulebooks
     - Investigator Tome
     - The Wall's Grimoire
     - Presence Manuscript
*Prototype only. Components shown may differ from final product.
During the Kickstarter we were able to unlock some awesome stretch goals including 9 new playable characters, a whole slew of additional Marbles and Horror cards as well as a game board to replace the Streets cards for full Co-Op games. To see more details, make sure you check out the Kickstarter page!
For 2-7 players, I am the Fourth Wall features 4 different ways to play. Do you wish to take on the role of "The Wall" and be pitted against all your friends? Do you all wish to work together against an AI controlled monstrosity? Do you want to go head to head in a bitter bout to the death? All are possible...
One player will take on the role of The Wall, one of the many ancient beings hell-bent on driving the world into perpetual madness, seeking to open all five gates to the nightmare world beyond.
The Wall acts between each of the Investigators’ turns, using an action point system to hinder the Investigators, summon monsters, or use unique abilities, as they work towards tearing open all five gates and ending the world as we know it.
In my slumber I grow restless. No longer shall I be the spectator.
The Wall will face off against the remaining 1-6 players, who become the Investigators: everyday people such as waitresses, detectives, and street magicians, who know that their only chance to save humanity lies in closing all of the gates, and thus banishing The Wall from their world... for a time.

The Investigators, with their diverse special abilities, use an elegant and streamlined symbol matching mechanic to destroy the nightmares plaguing the streets. Investigators can even
draw upon the very essence of madness, gaining a powerful edge at the cost of providing an advantage to The Wall.
Stick together. Close the gates. Don't lose your marbles.

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