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Leviathan Rumble: The Epic Throwdown of Monstrous Proportions

Hulking beasts, mechanical goliaths and extra-dimensional nightmares clash in an epic throwdown of monstrous proportions!

Our latest game in development was created for The Game Crafter's ProtoATL 2020 Contest, where we were challenged to created a game that takes 20 minutes or less to play, has a production cost of less than $20, and takes only 5 minutes to learn.

This two player game has you face off, taking the roles of Leviathans inspired by monster movie greats. Featuring a hex-based arena, and action dice-driven combat, you must out-manuever, outwit, and out-smash your opponent.

Hurl them through concrete cities, launch missiles at them from the mountain tops or plunge them into the depths of the ocean. This earth-shaking battle will determine once and for all who will reign supreme!

Vote for us on The Game Crafter, and if we make it through to the next round, we'll work towards releasing a Print and Play and a digital version on Tabletopia, so that you can all join us for the beta-test!

To vote, you will need some Crafter Points - find out how to grab them here (if you've ever bought anything on The Game Crafter, you should have them already).

If you can't vote, that's okay - just like the videos on our YouTube channel to let us know you're interested in seeing this game continue development!

Watch an overview of the game below:

Check out an example player turn here:

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