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To Alleviate bordem for both themselves and their fans, Slinky Gibbon Games has released the Gibbons Vs Games series on their Youtube channel!

This series will be board and card game related content such as unboxings, first time play throughs, and more informed reviews. The emphasis of the series is to look at games like our fans will, for the first time and not knowing anything about the game.

A perfect blend of comedy, informative review, and useless waffling we hope that high quality content will make up for our many shortcomings.

Each game is planned to be covered in 3 parts;

  • An unboxing video, showing and discussing the physical components of the game such as art, card stock quality, plastic thickness and all sorts of other silly details that you may or may not care about.

  • A first time gameplay, showing ease of play, legibility of the rules and what you should expect on your first time through. As well as our general incompetence of course.

  • A final review video, taken after several playthroughs to show our thoughts on the game and how it plays, replayability, enjoyment and just how the components have held up.

We hope to do much more in the future, but for now we can manage this on top of pumping out the gams you all love. 

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